Painless Golfing Strategies – A Quick A-to-z

Playing golf is a favorite pastime for many, and new people come out to play it year after year. Armed with a basic understanding of the game, many men and women often play it (once they get hooked) most of their lives. Sometimes it seems like there’s a revolving door on courses around the world.

People come and they go because they’ve given up in despair. People that play Golf often go through ups and downs, but eventually, you find your way and play the game like you have always wanted to.

When you first take up golf, don’t spend more than you can afford for clubs. You don’t need to have every club in the bag, because when you are a beginner you won’t need them. Most beginners, who have a full set, still only use about six clubs when they play. Of the clubs that you need the most is a driver to tee off with, a putter for when you are on the greens, and a wedge for short shots. The easiest clubs for the beginner to use, are the few more that you want to add. You need a couple of irons, specifically ones that you hit good, and for the fairways a club that hits farther. Depending on what you want, for the fairway use a hybrid or a wood club. It doesn’t take any more clubs than this to play a good round of golf, especially for a beginner.

There is an entire market that serves beginning golfers, and you should take advantage of this type of equipment. The design of the clubs makes it easier to hit the ball without leaving divots, which is good for beginners. For anyone who is a complete beginner, use hybrids instead of the irons, except for the short irons. The sole is what the bottom part of the club is called, and hitting the ball is easier with clubs with wider soles. User-friendly clubs also have a lower center of mass, which you should consider. You might not of ever heard of this principle, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be using this type of club. Beginning golfers need any help they can get, and irons with lower center of mass will be easier to hit.

Your ability to drive the ball off the tee will impact your game, so read and learn how to practice this swing. The main thing that matters more than anything is technique and just don’t try to kill the ball. You want a full and smooth motion throughout, and you can practice that without hitting any balls at all. Be careful going into the wind-up so you don’t twist your back so suddenly. When you swing and hit the ball, be sure you move all the way through with a complete motion, and hold the finish with balance intact which will be a good speed for you.

Do yourself a favor and learn the fundamentals of golf because that’s what will save you in most situations. It takes years to become competent at just the basics. But that’s what so many people love about the game – it’s the constant challenge and pursuit of excellence.

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